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Here you will find updated news regarding Segerviljan's activity.



Despite a few errors made in obedience, Jocke and Enzo bounced back by showing extraordinary work ethics in tracking, in spite of very tough conditions. 

Today they finished protection which secured their second place in the Norwegian Championships! A huge moment for Jocke and Segerviljan!

See their profile.




Segerviljans Etza has completed her first BSL 2. Because of her overexcitement in tracking, a few errors were made. Her obedience however was flawless. See their profile.

Dizel successfully finished her obedience class tracking, showing a great score, resulting in fist place! Congratulations! See their profile.  



Today the transformation of the new Segerviljan website was fulfilled; showing a new, easier navigation system and a more delicate design. There is also an English version which enables a broader span of visitors.

Please notice the english dating for foreign visitors.




Bisther got yet another IBO/BHT certificate – number eleven and counting.
Bertil and Bisther acquired trial points at the competition in Kungsör.
See their profile for more results.

Jocke and Enzo have made their IBO/BHT 3 debut. They as well competed in Kungsör showing good results.
See their profile for more results.



Congratulations to Janne and Divo who’re now qualified for IBO/BHT 3!
See their profile for more info.



Bisther acquired his tenth IPO/BHT certificate in Simonstorp with a top score. Berra and Bisther came out on top with a total score of 287.
See their profile for more info.



Thanks to their performance in Group C, Jocke and Enzo go through to IPO/BHP 3. They competed in Kungsör showing great results.
See their profile for more info.



Dizel completed her Appellclass and moves on to Lkl, showing a score of 297. Cissi Bergwall and Dizel finished first in Katrineholms tracking contest. See their profile for more info.



18/4 -2009
SegerViljan’s Etza convincingly carried out her BH in Simonstorp.
See Bertil's profile for more info.



Roger and Dennis have passed a mental test in Mjölby with a fine score of 434. See their profile for more info.



08/11 -2008
Cissi and Dizel finished first in Obedience once again, this time in Söderköping, with a score close to 300. See their profile for more info.











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