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Bertil Hagvall began competing with dogs in the late 80’s in Norrköpings Brukshundklubb. He is a recognized A1-judge and is an active compete figurant in the Swedish Dog Security section IPO (and Swedish protection), where he's been active for 15 years (SM-Sunne 2004). He’s also educated in the Swedish Air Force as a Dog Service Instructor.

In 2006 he began to compete together with Bisther in championships, and continued doing so until late 2010, showing a participation record of five IPO/BHP Swedish championships.
Test results with Bisther.

Since 2009 he has been competing together with Etza.



Test results with Etza:

Date Location Test Value / Group Points  CERT

Judge / Other 

08.18.2007 Harstad (Norway) Expo ML Plac 2 (Whelp 4-9 months)     Fritz Andersen (Denmark)
08.19.2007 Harstad (Norway) Expo ML Plac 1 (Whelp 4-9 months)     Johnny Johnsen (Norway)
04.18.2009 SK Simonstorp BH   Qualified   Pierre Kembel
09.11.2009 Söderköpings BK IPO/BHP 1 A: 91,    B: 81,    C: 96 268   Janne Nilsson